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Meera Meera Fashion Concept- Thương hiệu Thời Trang chuyên cung cấp đầm cưới- Đầm phụ dâu- dạ tiệc may đo, thiết kế.
Là THƯƠNG HIỆU CHÂU Á DUY NHẤT lọt Top 4 ÁO CƯỚI ĐẸP NHẤT THẾ GIỚI do trang web áo cưới danh tiếng Wedding Inspirasi bình chọn, lên cover tờ Svelto Magazine- Chuyên thời trang cao cấp Ý, sản phẩm ÁO CƯỚI-ĐẦM DẠ TIỆC MAY ĐO của Meera Meera có thể mang đến những nét riêng độc đáo nhất cho bạn với giá thành vô cùng hợp lí. 

Unique quality custom wedding dresses. Ship Worldwide. Each of the dress is created based on each of our client’s exact requirements and measurements.
If you want a wedding dress which truly reflect who you are with sotiphicated and luxury details, please send us a message.

Liên Hệ đặt May áo cưới – Áo cưới may theo số đo- Áo cưới Thiết kế riêng- Đầm dạ tiệc cao cấp- Đầm phụ dâu 

Hotline:    0932711831 

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may ao cuoi dep tai sai gon

Áo cưới hoa hồng đẹp lộng lẫy mã MM001

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Áo cưới hoa hồng đẹp lộng lẫy mã MM001

áo cưới mullet: đầm mullet, tay áo mốt 2015, tung 2 tulle

ao cuoi duoi ca don gian goi cam

Áo cưới đuôi cá Mã MM006

ao cuoi tung xoe satin co dien sang trong

Áo cưới tùng xoè satin Mã KH1329

We set up Meera Meera in late 2012, specialize in Stylish textile material and concept store for modern Vietnamese. There was a gap in the market for a stylished, fashion material for affordable garment. And so Meera Meera was born. 

We followed the dream of launching an edgy , textile-oriented, affordable price fashion for women at a leading and comfortable Concept Store in Vietnam. The first Showroom was based at Can Tho, the most important city among Six Provinces of South Vietnam . After years, hope the store can develop and expand through big and fashion cities at Vietnam like : Can Tho, Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh city. 

Our vision stem from the desire that good materials, excellent draping techniques, basic design should go hand in hand to bring good product to the customer. 

-1st collection launched with around 150 initial pieces, focus on the current trends of SS 2013 but with the Meera Meera ‘s signature style.

We could try to allocate a percentage of our collection each season to experiment with trend-leads ideas. In the long term, we focus more on developing a uniqueness of our own that customer will want season after season.


At this time, we move the focus on  making bespoke and made to order bridal wear to the highest quality standards, based on each client’s exact requirements and measurements. Your Wedding gown / party gown can be an eclectic mix of your favourites. Each of the piece is designed, pattern-cut, and hand finish by our expert craftmanship.
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